Well Pumps, Grinders, and More

A Large Selection of High-Quality Pumps

Marshalls Creek Plumbing and Electrical Supplies offers a great pump line that gives you countless options. We carry pumps for wells, sump pumps, effluent pumps, and grinder pumps for septic systems. Drop by our store at Marshalls Creek, PA to see our inventory!

We source our pumps from Myers Pumps, an industry-leading manufacturer that has been creating exceptional products since 1870. Catering to clients nationwide, they make a variety of pumps for every application.

Should I Buy a Rebuilt Pump?

A word of caution—there are people out there who are selling rebuilt grinder pumps. Most of the time, those pumps are not rebuilt under factory quality control standards and testing.  Most of these people are NOT using NEW manufacture's replacement parts to rebuild these pumps. Because of the lack of quality control standards they are not tested to see if they are operating at design specs. (No third party certification UL, CSA)       What are you buying?

What’s inside a pump matters. Here are some reasons why you should be careful when purchasing rebuilt pumps:

  • Many rebuilt pumps were just constructed in the sellers’ garages.
  • Some sellers do not use new manufacturer’s replacements parts.
  • Other sellers just use parts from the damaged pumps they get when doing service calls.

Another problem caused by the lack of testing is that there are no reliable specs on how these rebuilt pumps will work. With critical components replaced with either used or non-brand name parts the manufacturer's stand is that their specs for this pump do not apply now. As such no one can say that a rebuilt replacement pump would work to the same specs as a brand-new pump without having them tested. You would have no idea what the GPM is at 10 feet of lift, or 35foot? Are you going to assume that a rebuilt pump will work good enough for your home or business?  Furthermore, you cannot be sure if the head pressure from that pump matches the specs needed for your central pressurized sewer system in the development or township. You need reliable pump operating specs to calculate this.  

Myers does not rebuild 2hp grinders nor do they sell rebuilt 2 hp grinders. Additionally, along with the lack of operating specs your inspector may not accept a pump (rebuilt) that does not have a current, nationally recognized certification from a third-party organization such as UL or CSA. There are new grinders now available from Myers that are 1hp but have an operating spec that will replace the older style 2hp pumps. These newly improved pumps have the newest axial cutter technology to operate without clogging or roping and will save you money on your electric bill.

Well Products

The 1st item is the pump itself. There are jet pumps for shallow well applications and submersible pump (most common). Pumps are rated in horsepower or fractions of horsepower. The Myers submersible 1/2 hp pump is rated for 8 gallons per minute at 280ft. The 3/4HP submersible is rated 8 GPM for 380ft and our 1hp is rated at 5 GPM at 600ft. The depth of your well and other information is usually found inside you well cap.  There are two depth for every well one is the total drilled depth and the other is the static water depth. The static water level is where you first hit the water in the well. Example-- A 300ft well depth has a static water level of 220ft. This means that there is 80ft of water in your well. The pump starts its lift at the static water level not the depth of your pump. In this example, your pump would be set around 250-260ft which would only require a 1/2hp pump. You want to keep your pump at least 15ft above the drilled depth. Once you get the water into your home the next major item is the Pressure Tank. These tanks are rated in gallons, 19, 32, 44 gallons for example. The average single family home would only need a 19-gallon tank. These tanks have a pressurized rubber like a bladder. The pressure in this bladder is to be two pounds below the low number of your pressure switch. Example a 30-50LB pressure switch would need to have the tank pressurized at 28LB. This pressure adjustment is done when there is no water in the tank. When the pressure in the tank drops to 30LB the pressure switch turns on the well pump and it will run until it gets to 50LB. Hence your pump does not come on every time someone washes their hands you have a 20LB margin which allows the pump to run for a minute or so. The pressure tank & switch prevents the pump from short cycling, comes on for 10 seconds and turns off every time someone uses water. This is very bad and shortens the life of the pump. There are many other components that are needed to replace a pump or pressure tank and we carry all of these items in stock at Marshalls Creek Plumbing Supplies.

Septic System

An on site septic system is usually a two chamber tank and a septic mound. The waste comes from the home into the tank. Once there the liquids are drain into a separate chamber and the solids stay in the 1st chamber. There is an effluent pump that pumps the liquid from the tank to the mound. There the liquid seeps through the material in the mound filtering the liquid as it travels where it is evaporated into the air and or continues through the earth. One very important component of this system is the bacteria that breaks down the solids and turns it into liquid. This biological action is required both in the tank and in the mound. Loss or reduction of this biological activity will lead to septic system failure, which can be very costly to repair. The cause of this loss or reduction in biological action is mostly the laundry detergent, dish detergent, other soaps and anti- bacteria cleaners that find their way into your septic system. These products kill both good and bad bacteria and if the active cultures in your system gets too damaged your system will not work as designed. One product that is sold nation wide to combat this condition is MICROBE-LIFT. This product is 100% safe to plant, animal, humans, and groundwater. It is a non-toxic non-pathogenic highly specialized microbial culture. It is guaranteed to digest grease, oils, fats & tissue. This product jump starts the bacteria in your whole system to break down the solid waste and keep your system working as designed. This product should be used every 6 months. Find it here at Marshalls Creek Plumbing Supplies.

Septic Grinder System

In many areas, you have a central sewer system but you have to have a grinder pump to break up the solids into a liquid. A grinder pump for residential use is usually a 2hp 240-volt pump. It does just like the name says it has cutting blades that travel at high speed to break down the solids and then it injects the liquid into the sewer system. We stock both Myers & Little Giant Grinders.  There are many different types of tanks, some are 8ft long installed outside the home and other are only 3ft high installed indoors in the basement or crawl space. We can get you the correct pump for you application.  

Septic Riser & Lids

At Marshalls Creek Plumbing we stock both concrete and plastic lids & risers. You would need to know what size your access hole is on the tank and how high you need to go. With this information, we can set you up with the products you will need.

Water Treatment

Most of the water treatment products we sell are for homes with well water. You should test your water at least once a year for Coliform Bacteria. Other tests can be for corrosivity, iron & manganese to name a few. If Coliform is present it is a serious condition and should be addressed quickly. The most common treatment for this condition is the use of UV lamps to kill the bacteria. Because the Coliform bacteria are so small that other particles in the water can block the UV rays from hitting the Coliform bacteria and it becomes ineffective. To address this you would have to install a filtering system before the UV equipment. Before you purchase any water treatment product you should have your water tested to see what is in the water. Then with these results, we will send them to the manufacturers of the equipment for their recommendation on what is needed to treat that water. We here at Marshalls Creek Plumbing Supplies are a drop off site for Prosser Labs to have a state certified water engineer do your water test. If you want we can also offer testing for water hardness, total dissolved solids and other tests from the manufacturer of the treatment products. If you are testing for Coliform or are selling your home and need a water test you have to use a company like Prosser Labs.

Push Fit Fittings (Sharkbite Style)

Necessity is the mother of invention. Having to solder copper pipes is no fun. You never get all the water out and it seems that you are going to burn the house down before you solder that fitting, especially vertical soldering near a stud. Well no more!! At Marshall Creek Plumbing we stock fittings that you simply push on, yes just push them on and walk away. You cut your pipe and remove any burrs on the pipe then select your fitting and push them on. These fittings are rated 200PSI at 200F and can be used exposed, in walls or underground for cold, hot or heating pipes. We stock these fittings up to 1 inch. They work on copper, pex and CPVC pipes.

Gas Lines

Marshalls Creek Plumbing Supplies carries two different manufacturers of flexible gas lines. Gastite and TracPipe. Each product has a different fitting and you must use the fitting from the same brand as the pipe. We can help you size your gas line. You will need to know the BTU rating of the equipment you are installing and the length of the run.

Copper Tubing

This product is mostly used for propane gas for outside grills or inside for a gas fireplace. You have to flare the pipe at the fitting and use flare fittings. When used outside you have to use the tubing with a yellow jacket.

Black Iron

The original gas piping system. It is still used today and we stock a wide range of fittings from 1/8 inch up to 2 inches. We also cut and thread pipe up to 2 inches.  If you have gas in your home and it was built before 1999 it is most likely to have this piping system installed. We also stock the appliance gas whips for ranges & dryers, gas regulators and propane tubing for grills.

If you have any questions concerning pumps, feel free to call us at 570-223-8398. One of our knowledgeable staff members will gladly provide you with the information you need.